Company Setup

You plan

  • forming a GmbH?

  • forming an AG (forming an Aktiengesellschaft)

  • forming an Ug (forming an Unternehmergesellschaft)

  • forming a KG

  • forming a GmbH & Co. KG

  • forming a GbR

or you are looking for a

  • readymade GmbH

  • readymade AG (readymade Aktiengesellschaft)

  • readymade UG (readymade Unternehmergesellschaft)

  • readymade KG

  • readymade GmbH & Co. KG

  • readymade GbR

As leading accounting firm we will advise and support you in all relating tax matters as

  • minimizing tax burden

  • registration at tax office

  • organizing VAT number (VAT registration)

  • organizing tax number

  • filing VAT statements

Our business setup service also includes

  • open German bank account

  • renting an office / virtual office

  • general assistance in all areas to get your company started

Why shoud you choose a German accountant for company setup instead of a professional formation service?


  • I do not have the expertise in forming companies in 50 different countries.

  • But I supported many dozens of company setups in Germany.

  • I am fluent in German and English, MBA, chartered accoutnant in Germany (Steuerberater) and worked 5 years for a global “Big Four” auditing firm.

  • I do have an experienced network of lawyers, notaries, solicitors, landlords, bankers, that will resolve any upcoming issue for you.


  • My business model is not “hit and run” which means I make one times my profit by forming your company and then our business relationship is ended.

  • My objective is to provide perfect service to you at the formation process and therefore gain you as new client for my accounting firm. I would appreciate to provide the full scope of compliance and accounting service to you. Thus I am interested in a long term relationship with you and your new formed company

You can see this company setup procedure is only a first step to build up a business relation.

Therefore my fees are moderate. For example setup a GmbH (including consulting, notary fees, court registration fees, tax registration, VAT number, open up bank account and creating contact to landlords) is below EUR 2.000 (net w/o VAT).

But of course there is no obligation for you to choose me as your accountant.